Raspberry Pi has Wolfram Mathematica Let's Build Something

For builders out there everywhere that love the Raspberry Pi, I recently thought of an interesting application of Mathematica on the Pi.

How about a game camera that recognizes the animal's you want to capture in memory on your game/animal(for you vegans) cam?  Let's say you just want to see Deer and not hunters, hikers or all those blasted raccoons.

It turns out to be pretty simple with Mathematica, provided your Pi has access to the Internet and Wolfram's curated data.

Here is an image of a mature white tale buck.


Here is the one line Mathematica code to "recognize" the critter and the one line of code to display the results as a word cloud.


Since the tail of the deer could not clearly be seen in the photo the most prominent feature of the image is "its a deer!".

Let's try a picture where the tail can be seen on the Deer.


Here are the results:


Pretty cool huh?  Now let's try and trick it.


Well it has raccoon as one of the critters but didn't list deer.


There will be false positives...  But you can use machine learning on your captured images to train the system to be better all the time!

You can try this yourself right here at Wolfram's image identify project here.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy Mathematica!



Make sure to check the Wolfram licensing -- this is strictly for non-commercial use.