Screen Scraping Plots / Charts to Acquire Raw Data

Sometimes you just don't have the raw data and all you have is a plot.  This tool (link below) does a reasonable job on a variety of plots.


I tried it on this chart exported from Mathematica as a JPEG.

You have to calibrate your Axes and the pick the trace color of the plot which it offers in a menu of dominant colors derived from the chart.  It's pretty cool that the points I got back had a correlation of nearly 1 for the original data in Mathematica.

The tool also has an option WebCam option and can import and export JSON which is nice as well.  Overall I give this an overall rating of 9.5/10!  I still haven't found my holy grail screen scraper yet but this one works well for manual scraping of charts.

Also see this article: for more information about this tool.

Kudos to:

Author: Ankit Rohatgi

Title: WebPlotDigitizer


Version: 3.10

Date: May, 2016


Location: Austin, Texas, USA